Hundred Years War Army 2-11

Hundred Years War Army 2-11

With the model count at over 100 this will probably be the largest pack that I will ever make (at 4GB! :O), it is for this reason (and the website's limitations) I have had to upload the pack as a series of different smaller 11 zip files to download with each pack having enough units for you to build your own medieval army.


In this second pack you'll find the Bombard Cannon plus the artillery crew.


The army includes:

  • 1 Gille De Rais Commander model
  • 1 Joan of Arc Model
  • 1 Medieval Bombard Cannon with Crew
  • Polearm Infantry unit with different variations
  • Spearmen Infantry unit with different variations
  • Hand Weapons unit with different variations
  • Crossbowmen unit with different variations


All models have both a print supported version and support less version in case anyone prefers DIY.


As is the case with the rest of our models these files are available to download on our Patreon unless of course you'd prefer to get them here individually.