28mm Type 1 47 mm Medium AT Gun with IJA Japanese Crew 3D print model

This model is that of a Type 1 47mm Medium AT gun that was used by the Japanese during the Second World War.The gun itself is a single model.

Also included in the folder are different pieces with which you are able to build the gun's crew in IJA paratrooper equipment, these pieces are multipose so you are able to get a variation of models from this one pack.

The pieces in this product include:

  • 1 Type 1 47mm Medium AT Gun
  • 1 AT Gun base
  • 1 25mm Infantry Base
  • 5 Head Options
  • 5 Arm Options
  • 3 Torso Options.

Also each file in the folder has both an OBJ and STL variant in order to ensure that these models will be usable in any 3D printing Slicing software.




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