28MM IJA Paratropers Drop Canisters

28MM IJA Paratropers Drop Canisters

These 3D printable models are IJA Drop Canisters that were designed to be used with our IJA Paratroopers range, the models require no supports or sprues so are ready to be immediately 3D printed from download.


The models themselves are 28mm scale and can be used in WW2 themed tabletop games such as Bolt Action and Chain of Command.


Historically the Japanese followed their German allies quite closely in the development of paratroopers and thus as opposed to the allies's airborne troops later in the war the Japanese Paratrooper's equipment were dropped via drop canisters such as these.


There are two variations of the of the canisters in the download folder, one open and another closed with both having an STL and an OBJ file variant that can be used as required for you to get the best results from your printer.


The models and terrain in the background are not included in this download.


As is the case with the rest of our models these files are available to download on our Patreon unless of course you'd prefer to get them here individually, If you're interested feel free to visit us at https://www.patreon.com/RedDawn3DMiniatures :)