28mm IJA Paratrooper Special Weapons Teams

28mm IJA Paratrooper Special Weapons Teams

This collection of miniatures are IJA Paratrooper Special Weapons Teams, the miniatures are designed to be used alongside other models from the IJA Paratrooper Collection.

The models are scaled at 28mm and can be used in wargames set in WW2 such as Bolt Action and Chain of Command.

The download folder contains both OBJ and STL versions of the file to help guarantee that the models will be 3D printable on any slicing software.

The model parts included in the pack includes:
- 7 Head Variants
- 6 Torso Variants
- 8 Arm Options
- 1 25mm Base


As is the case with the rest of our models these files are available to download on our Patreon unless of course you'd prefer to get them here individually, If you're interested feel free to visit us at https://www.patreon.com/RedDawn3DMiniatures :)