28mm IJA Paratrooper Reinforced Platoon Bundle

28mm IJA Paratrooper Reinforced Platoon Bundle

This item is the IJA Paratrooper Reinforced Platoon Bundle which will allow those interested in building an army of IJA Paratroopers to purchase the entire collection at a much reduced price.

The Reinforced Platon bundle includes:

  • The Infantry Squad
  • Officers pack
  • Machine gun crew
  • Medium mortar crew
  • Medium AT gun crew
  • Infantry Gun crew
  • Special weapons team
  • Drop cannisters.

Each section has its own choice of extensive options with which allow the owner to customise their army as required and help give variation to the army's look on the tabletop.

The miniatures themselves are multi part and are scaled at 28mm and so are ideal for WW2 set historical wargames such as Bolt Action or Chain of Command.


As is the case with the rest of our models these files are available to download on our Patreon unless of course you'd prefer to get them here individually, If you're interested feel free to visit us at https://www.patreon.com/RedDawn3DMiniatures :)